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Geocaching on Norfolk Island

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt, where geocachers navigate to coordinates using a GPS-enabled device, like a handheld GPS receiver or a smartphone app. At the published coordinates, there is a geocache hidden, a container which can vary in size and shape but will contain at least a logbook or logsheet, where you sign your name as proof you found it.

There are millions of geocaches hidden all over the world, on every continent. It’s easy to start, create an account on  geocaching.com  for free, and download a free app to  your smartphone and set off on your first search.

The object is to navigate to the coordinates, search for and find the cache, then sign your geocaching nickname in the logbook as proof that you found it. You then log your find on  geocaching.com.

Norfolk Island Geocaches

Since the first geocache was placed at Emily Bay in 2002, there are now hidden all over Norfolk Island 41 geocaches  waiting to be found. Finding all these geocaches will take you a great tour of Norfolk Island and can all be easily found in a 7-day holiday.  You will learn about the Island’s history, culture, flora and fauna. You will be taken into many hidden and beautiful locations that the tours miss. And there are 4 earthcache locations on Norfolk Island where you will learn about the geology of the Island and some very unique rocks that are all around the Island.

When you have found and logged all 40 caches on Norfolk Island there is a bonus challenge cache to find and log as a bonus final cache. This will give you that rare opportunity to collect all the geocaches in a single country and give you a map full of smiley.

And if you are visiting Norfolk Island please contact endeavour3 through the www.geocaching.com website and I will give you my Norfolk Island pathtag as a souvenir of your geocaching adventure on the Island.

If you are geocacher you can log this blog at www.geocaching.com/track with the tracking code PCQ9NX.