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Travelling to Norfolk Island on a Driver’s License

One of the positive changes from the recent Australian Government reforms was the removal of the need to have a passport to visit Norfolk Island, for visitors from Australia.

If you are travelling direct to Norfolk Island from either Sydney or Brisbane all you need is photo ID, that is, a drivers licence.

Flights to Norfolk Island still operate from the International Terminals at Sydney & Brisbane airports even though the flight is considered a domestic flight.  This is because Norfolk Island has a different biosecurity risk to mainland Australia. While Australia has snakes, cane toads and poisonous spiders, all that Norfolk Island has is green parrots & white terns.

Air New Zealand check-in

You can still check-in at the Air New Zealand kiosks.  All you need is booking reference number.

Security check

The usual security check including the liquid, aerosols & gel restrictions still apply to Norfolk Island flights. http://travelsecure.infrastructure.gov.au

Passport Control

You are still required to complete a green Outgoing Passenger Card. Do not attempt to use the Smart-gates to leave mainland Australia – they will not work. Instead you must go to a manned passport control booth. At Brisbane, look for the pop-up banner signs saying ‘Norfolk Island passengers’ just after security.  At Sydney, go to any manned passport control booth.

Tourist Refund Scheme

You can still get Tourist Refund Scheme refunds of GST on purchases over $300 that you are taking with you.  But the smartphone apps for the Tourist Refund Scheme do not work for the flights to Norfolk Island. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Ente/Tour

Duty Free

On departure from Sydney & Brisbane you can still buy duty-free to take to Norfolk Island, but many duty-free shops will not sell to you unless you present a passport.  If you have checked-in using a driver’s licence, then the passport number field on your boarding pass is blank.

Arriving back in mainland Australia, you can purchase inbound duty free, but you will be subject to the Duty-Free concessions for tobacco, alcoholic beverages and other goods.

Arrival at Norfolk Island

You are still required to complete a yellow Incoming Passenger Card. While this might seem strange for a domestic flight, the Quarantine Declaration is very important. Make sure you declare any food, plant material or animal products. You can bring in as much goods & alcohol as you can carry! Norfolk Island is now a true duty-free destination. Your baggage will most likely be sniffed by Dawson the biosecurity dog, and you may be directed to X-Ray for further quarantine screening. 

Travel Insurance

Medicare now extends to Norfolk Island, so you only need to purchase a domestic travel insurance policy.

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From New Zealand

The flight from Auckland is still an international flight and the usual passport rules still apply both ways.

If you have any questions or concerns about arranging your travel to Norfolk Island, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.